Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The girls kitchen

Finally here are a few pictures of the girls play kitchen. This is for you Heather, sorry it took so long. You would think that with all the time I have sitting on my butt waiting for this little girl I would be posting all the time. Unfortunately I just am too lazy. :0)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girls big Santa gift

So here is what I am working on for Christmas. We decided not to get the girls alot this year. So, I have been looking for a nightstand that would work to make them a little kitchen. Again, I was patient and kept looking and when I was in D.I. last week found a cute little pink and purple stove. Supposedly there was a fridge with it but somebody snagged that up fast. My idea for it is to put a back splash on it a side sink and cutting table attached and it is missing some doors so I want to put on one door and paint it to look like the front of a stove and then put a curtain on the bottom. Huh, breath. I don't have a picture of it because it is tucked in a corner of my garage with all thier presents in it and a blanket covering it. I will post pictures as soon as it is done. For now here is what inspired me. Also, I did have to get them a few more things but am all done and everything came from The Family Dollar. I love that place and all thier $5 toys. Gotta love cheap.


Okay so I am new to the whole Pinterest and have already spent way too much time on there. Although I am glad to say that I have taken some ideas from there and actually made some. I made the girls these cute ruffle cardigans made from old shirts and am now making them sweater dresses from some of my old sweaters. I also made one for myself out of an old man size sweater and since I really don't sew, I just wing it. I thought I did a pritty good job altering the sleeves and neck. The picture makes it look like a burgandy with white but it is really a burgandy with a headther grey ruffle like the striped one. I only have the cardigans made so far. What do you think?


This is the wall before and after the mantle. I wish I had pictures of the shelf that was covering the window when we first moved in and when I had this bright idea to paint it blue. BTW, there is a window behind the big piece of plywood that looks into the garage. It is totally ugly and very drafty so our solution was to cover it with the plywood. Cheap and not too bad looking, right?

Speaking of cheap, I was called and asked to do a class on how to decorate on a dime. I am so flattered and so scared. I don't talk in big groups, I might pee my pants.


Christmas is here, FaLaLaLa. I couldn't wait too long after Thanksgiving to put up our tree and decor. In fact I made the paper garlands and had them up before Thanksgiving. This year our tree is a little more mature. Last year it was super bright and kidish as well as our front porch if any one saw it and can remember. It was a pain making sure those big ornaments didn't blow down and break. This year much more simple. I was looking for old skis at D.I. but didn't want to pay $10 on them so I decided to be patient and within 3 days found some in Ksl's free ads from a lady down the street. I also really wanted a faux fireplace mantel like the one from VintageRevivals so this is what I came up with. First I found some cabinets at this cabinet place by my house and they wanted $10 a cabinet door, not to mention that they all had something wrong with them. So, I started calling places. I called all the other cabinet makers in Brigham and found one that was just so happening to take down some old cabinets from a house in Ogden that weekend. They were already white and really old. I told him I would take them. Best part.....Free. All I had to do was glaze them and put them together with L brackets. Not hard at all. I got it all put together and it looked a little sad on top. So I got on Ksl and found a guy getting rid of old barn wood in Ogden off the Free ads. I went and picked that up and the guy was so nice he and his dad even cut it for me and took the nails out of each piece. The wood was from an old horse coral and had been chewed on by the horses. I'm sure they thought I was crazy after I told them what I was going to do with it. Anyways, it was just what the mantle needed. A little color and highth. As for the frames, windows etc. I already had most of that. I made new stockings this year out of burlap that I found a bag full at D.I. for $3 and in the end I think everything cost me $11.50 even though it was all spent throughout a long period of time. I am really happy with it and now love spending most of my time in this room. First thing I do in the morning is come in here and hop on-line or read a book.


So, the hubby is all of a sudden really into photography and tweaking it on his camera. Here are a few, I think he's got an eye for some unique pictures. What do you think?


Just a cute picture of Ava wearing some of the babies clothes. We got a bag full from my sister in law's friend and the girls think they need to wear some of them. I think the dress is a 2T and the jacket is 18months. Still looks cute to me, Lol